Centers house companies moving research forward

Terpenoid Therapeutics was featured in this article in the local newspaper:

Emily Schettler

Iowa City Press-Citizen

When Jeffrey Neighbors and his three business partners founded Terpenoid Therapeutics Inc. in 2005, their workspace was a little smaller than it is today.

“My office was basically my backpack,” said Neighbors, an assistant research scientist at the University of Iowa and senior scientist at Terpenoid.

The drug discovery and development company is a spin-out operation from UI, where Raymond Hohl, a professor of Internal Medicine and Pharmacology in the Carver College of Medicine; David Wiemer, a professor of chemistry and pharmacology and Chemistry Department chairman; and their former students, Neighbors and Andrew Wiemer; conducted years of research on treatments for brain cancer and prostate cancer.

They formed Terpenoid once their research had developed to the stage of protected intellectual property, but it didn’t really start to take off until the company received federal funding two years later.

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